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  • Haha I was going to say 2fa but it’s pretty common these days to have SMS or email based 2FA (I’d argue it isn’t a second factor of the something you know, something you have, something you are factors - SMS is insecure and email is something you know (email password) which is the same kind of factor as the password you’re using to log in to whatever other account).

    Microsoft and Google also both have apps that you can confirm logins with, which is closer to a second factor but many people will have this 2FA without realising it. Hence why I specifically mentioned TOTP authentication.

    I am confident PHP is different now! I think it was version 3 or 4 when I was using it, they are up to 8 now (plus all the minor releases in the middle). As well as frameworks like Laravel that either didn’t exist or I didn’t know about at the time I was playing in that space.

    But also I think people like what they know. You probably won’t convince people familiar with alternative backends that PHP is better, because whether the way PHP does it is good or not, the thing we like best is what’s familiar to us.

  • That’s not quite their position. They believe the OSI decides what counts as Open Source based on what benefits big tech who fund them. Basically, they think it’s wrong to argue that something cannot be considered open source unless Google is allowed to use the free labour of contributers without restriction or payment.

    They talk more about it here and here.

    Personally I don’t have a side in this fight but nothing I have seen has made me shy away from using their products.

  • I like music. You can put the phone down and still hear the constant “still on hold” sound, when it stops you know it’s being answered.

    Given to me it’s a tool for that purpose, the actual music doesn’t really matter as long as it’s constant and lound enough. Probably best not to be any music I like, I’m never waiting on hold for good reasons so best not to associate songs I like with a bad experience.

  • I’m a weirdo and so I use a launcher called KISS. There are different options but how I have it set up, it’s mostly a clear screen except a search bar at the bottom with some favourites pinned above it. Then if you tap the search bar, it fills the screen with a list of the most commonly used apps. Or you can tap a button on the side of the search bar to see all apps, or start typing the app you want.

    I also have gestures set up, so I swipe different directions on that blank home screen to open different apps.

    I was previously using Pie Launcher, where there are no apps or widgets on your screen until you tap and hold and a circle of your pinned apps appear, then you swipe to the one you want to open. KISS was a bit less frustrating for others to use, but still a bit haha.

    I love it though. For a long time I had the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day on my wallpaper, so having a clean home page meant I could see the picture really well.

  • Yeah it’s looking really good! Last year there was a lot of space in between the art, where as this year the gaps got filled in a lot more. It was just right, not so much space that we couldn’t fill it all, and not so little that people were fighting for it. We finished our planned design in the first 24 hours or so and yet never had to worry about anyone trying to overwrite it. It makes it fun instead of tedious!

  • I didn’t know it was supposed to be “wehavecookies”! Most of the time it said “wehavecocks” and I thought ok a bit weird but whatever. I would have helped defend it if I’d known!

    I also ran out of imagination, I watched the chat and helped out anyone asking for help on their template, did some tidy up stuff around the rainbow/big kiwi, then decided to do a background.

    It took me way too long to work out what was happening with the unfinished pink/blue, if I’d known I’d have helped but it was over before I’d worked it out 😆.