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  • To be honest I had already copied the part in the article you wanted, then figured you’d just ask for what’s in the next paragraph.

    It’s honestly a lot easier when you read a headline and think “I need more info” to just read the article.

    It’s all right there in the article, and a professional wrote it.

    If that’s not enough, well, it’s really not hard to interpret poll results directly. I do it all the time, been doing it for years.

    It’s a good skill if you care about politics, but you’ll never learn how to fish if people keep handing you fish when you ask

  • Not only are you looking for this poll, the article even mentions what you’re looking for…

    Did you not read the article before dismissing it?

    They can only fit so much in the headline…

    It’s not really a strong endorsement of the Democratic deputy president to say that specifically Democrats think she might be OK to replace the president, is it?

    6/10 Dems though Biden would be replaced, remember what Kamala is being compared to.

    6/10 thinking shed make a good president is a positive move…

    Need more info.

    I’d suggest you start with the article, and if you still want more, look at the polls data directly

  • I know my vote probably isn’t going to matter (thanks, Obama Electoral College)

    Unironically we can assign some blame to Obama…

    In 08 he had the opportunity to “save” the DNC. Instead he viewed the entire concept as outdated and ignored the party, instead handling everything internally on his team

    If Obama (or more recently Biden) had worked on the DNC and tried to build it up after Hillary’s people burnt it all down (once in 08, again in 16) we wouldnt have had to suffer thru trump and would be seeing the end of a.progressive presidents second term right now.

    If he’d have done that and lived up to 08 campaign promises, then there probably wouldn’t be any “red states” left by now.

    Obama didn’t break the party, but he had a chance to fix an already broken party and instead just ignored it. We’re still paying for it

  • So you don’t have to wait 40 minutes again, I googled:

    Kamala firefighter prison

    And got a whole bunch of results…

    The intransigence of this legal work resulted in the presiding judges in the case giving serious consideration to holding the state in contempt of court. Observers worried that the behavior of Harris’s office had undermined the very ability of federal judges to enforce their legal orders at the state level, pushing the federal court system to the brink of a constitutional crisis. This extreme resistance to a Supreme Court ruling was done to prevent the release of fewer than 5,000 nonviolent offenders, whom multiple courts had cleared as presenting next to no risk of recidivism or threat to public safety.

    Despite a straightforward directive from the Supreme Court to identify prisoners for release over a two-year period, upholding a 2009 ruling that mandated the same action over the same timeline, the state spent the majority of that period seesawing back and forth between dubious legal filings and flagrant disregard. By early 2013, it became clear that the state had no intention to comply, leading to a series of surprisingly combative exchanges.


    Especially with Lemmy being so much smaller, you really shouldn’t just wait for someone to do it for you. “Teach a man to fish” and all that.