My dog recently returned from an adventure with what looks like a spinal bone, but I would have zero clue what animal it was from. it got me thinking – could our dogs potentially be bringing home human remains, but we dismiss them as random animal bones?

Given the multitude of missing persons cases, perhaps they are unearthing more than we realize?

  • BlueÆtherA
    11 months ago

    I’ve found human bones twice - so not always uncommon. Fortunately neither time they were ‘fresh’.

    One was at a subdivision for housing near where a field hospital and was. Police were called and it was determined to be a caucasian thema from the time of the NZ land wars. It would have been more difficult for the developers if the bone had turned out to be Maori, the find still stopped the development for a few months.

    The second was a finger bone I found in a weathered mole hill in a very old church yard in the UK, that one was re-inturned at the time of finding - no police involved.